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How does he feel about me?

He was born in miami on july 2nd 1993, his zodiac sign is cancer & I am an aries. We both live in Jamaica now but he goes to school in miami. We were dating for two months, this started in january & ended at the beginning of march. I’m not sure why it ended, he was just really mad at me I don’t know why. He flipped out on me for no reason, I assume he thought I was seeing other guys cause he mentioned it once, but I really wasn’t. Anyway, in june he came back & apologised, told me he was falling for me, but then, the next day he flipped out again & we stopped talking. After that he just kept on running in & out of my life, I ask him why, he said he doesn’t know. After that, he was gone for awhile & then came back, we were arguing for a few days & then he said he doesn’t want to argue anymore, so we started talking as friends which worked out well. Eventually it turn into sexual conversations & sometimes intimate. Things are going good right now, he called me last night & we had a great conversation. Today I texted him, he hasn’t replied yet though. But what I really want to know is, why does he keep running in & out of my life? Why does he say mean things one minute & then says sweet things the next? Is he in love with me? What are his real intentions? I really need to know before I have sex with him for the first time because I don’t want to be used. What are his real feelings? And is there a future for me & him?

    Posted 3 years ago

    Dear Friend,

    I do not feel that this guy is out to use you or hurt you in anyway. I sense and feel a commitment coming in your life. I sense and feel also a deep level of insecurity in either his work or his home life. I would suggest due to your many questions that you have an in depth reading with one of our team.

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